The Indian sub-continent was always famous for sweets (mishti) such as ladoo, perra, barfi and rasgula.

Our founder had a sweet tooth and Bombay Sweets was created out of his desire to make quality sweets. It all began with a small cottage factory with a retail front in Nawabpur, Old Dhaka in 1948. Along side sweets (misti), local ethnic snacks called chanachur was also a flagship product since inception.


People loved Bombay Sweets products (mishti and chanachur) and the business thrived. Gradually new outlets were opened in Baitul Mukram and New Market in subsequent years.

But it was after 1971, when Bangladesh gained independence that Bombay Sweets really expanded its product offerings.

The company began producing biscuits, dry cake, toast and even beverages such as orange, lemon and pineapple squash. More cottage factories were formed across Old Dhaka in Captain Bazar, Bonogram, Rankin Street and Fakirapul.


In the new millennium, Bombay Sweets has two factory locations in Dhaka and Narayangonj. The company continues to make its flagship products and has also introduced many new brands. To maintain quality of its products, it also has its own packaging industry, “Tricepack Ltd” and its own agriculture company, “Bombay Agro Ltd” to ensure quality agro raw materials.


Now a funny story… To secure its first major finance for growth, the company approached a bank. During the meeting, the company’s product samples were distributed to the attendees. One bank executive asked a question about the risk and viability of the project; on which the company representative replied, “Sir, all the product samples I got for the meeting have been consumed already, there are only empty packs on the table...if product was no good, no one would have finished the packs.” Everyone laughed at this observation and the loan was instantly granted.


As the company continues to grow, we look to the future with great confidence and excitement. While continuing to introduce and innovate new products, we are working towards increasing our reach globally. Wherever you are reading this right now, our goal is to make our products available near you.

Sister concerns

Bombay Agro Ltd

Farmer’s friend
BAGL located in the north of Bangladesh, Bombay Agro mainly cultivates and stores agriculturul products to fulfill the raw material requirements of its parent company - Bombay Sweets.

Tricepack Ltd.

Protecting our food and beverages for freshness .
Tricepack Ltd. was established in 1998. The company manufactures various types of flexible packaging materials for local and foreign markets.

Kuliarchar Dairy Complex

Making quality cheese since 1983.
Kuliarchar Dairy Complex (KDC) is situated at Kuliarchar P.S., in Kishoreganj district. This area is considered as one of the milk pockets in the locality.


Educate and Entertain Children and Young Adults and add good value to their life.
TAKDHUM is a video-based online classroom where students develop creativity and confidence through our multi-level art instruction program. We offer video lessons that can be taken anytime, anywhere- via laptop, tablet or smart phone. Each program meets the Standards for Arts Education.